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# Help
/help command

# Configuration
/set config.section.option value
/help config.section.option

# Plugins

# Servers
/server add libera -ssl
/set irc.server.libera.nicks "mynick,mynick2,mynick3,mynick4,mynick5"
/set irc.server.libera.username "My user name"
/set irc.server.libera.realname "My real name"
/set irc.server.libera.autoconnect on
/set irc.server.libera.autojoin "#channel1,#channel2"

# SASL Auth
/set irc.server.libera.sasl_username "mynick"
/set irc.server.libera.sasl_password "xxxxxxx"

# nickserv auth
/set irc.server.libera.command "/msg nickserv identify xxxxxxx"

# Secure password
/secure passphrase this is my secret passphrase
/secure set libera_password xxxxxxx
/set irc.server.libera.sasl_password "${}"

# Connect
/connect libera
/join #channel
/part [quit message]

# Messages
/query foo this is a message

Weechat key bindings:

  • Alt+← / Alt+→ or F5 / F6: switch to previous/next buffer
  • F1 / F2: scroll bar with list of buffers (“buflist”)
  • F7 / F8: switch to previous/next window (when screen is split)
  • F9 / F10: scroll title bar
  • F11 / F12: scroll nicklist
  • Tab: complete text in input bar, like in your shell
  • PgUp / PgDn: scroll text in current buffer
  • Alt+a: jump to buffer with activity (in hotlist)